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tLC Academy

Training programs for future-shapers

We educate for desired Futures

Training programs for those who want to make their teams and organizations ready for an uncertain and highly dynamic future and lead them into a desirable future.

About the program

Our mission

Our current education systems fail to prepare people – both as individuals and organizations – for a unpredictable and complex future. We refer to those skill gaps as “illiteracies of the 21st century”. They describe a lack of mindsets and skills that people would need to shape and co-create a thriving future in a proactive manner. The goal of the tLC Academy is to fill this void – in other words: we empower people and organizations to shape a desirable future!

Learning: more than a quest for knowledge

We believe that diverse forms of experience-based learning combining leading-edge theory and practice are a fundamental prerequisite when it comes to innovation management, transformation, and change. Our understanding of innovation management and change goes far beyond traditional knowledge.

We enable entrepreneurs, managers and experts to become competent shapers of the future. They learn how to systematically break up old patterns and sustainably establish new patterns of thinking and behaving within their organizations. In this context, it is important that innovation does not get stuck half-way. That is why, you will experience essential mindsets, skills and tools that will help you complete your journey to your destination; this is an essential competence when you have to take a bold step toward your desired future.

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Transformation & Change, Innovation and NewWork

We offer leading-edge training programs for all who wish to lead their organization confidently into a meaningful future.

We will teach and guide you how to handle the challenges of transformation, innovation, new work and change in a radically changing digital world. You will acquire numerous tried-and-tested tools and methods that will enable you to proactively shape a desirable future. You will be ready to not only react to changes appropriately, but to shape your organization and markets proactively. Our aim is to make use of the latest scientific insights in the fields of innovation, transformation, organizational design and neuro/cognitive sciences, adapt them to your organizational practice, and implement them successfully.


tLC Academy

The entire training program (masterclasses and seminars) of the tLC Academy has an open concept. It is offered for businesses and organizations as well as for individuals. We also offer a training as a certified “future shaper”, if you complete our three masterclasses “Unconventional thinking”, “Transformation in a complex and uncertain digital world”, and “Innovation as shaping our future in a purposeful manner”.

Personal Growth through Understanding Oneself

tLC Academy is a special place that is not only centered around skills and tools, but primarily around personal growth, purpose, values, and mindsets.

Experiential Learning

tLC Academy’s hands-on approach makes learning a personal experience providing an impact beyond the classroom – working is learning and learning is working.

Self-directed Laboratory

tLC Academy is not primarily about “instruction”. Rather, it provides a safe space and an Enabling Space as a catalyst for practicing new ways of doing things, as well as for learning and transformation.


tLC Academy as an opportunity to engage with one’s own context (personal and organizational) and to shape future niches purposefully.

Radical Human-Centeredness

tLC Academy values the human as a person (and not primarily as work force) and supports development of his/her true potentials in the context of desirable futures – to become ”better human beings“.

A Source of Energy

tLC Academy is a place one is leaving with new energy, visions, and inspirations. You will re-generate your own metal models by focusing on things that really matter.

Double- and Triple-Loop Learning

tLC Academy is an open and inspirational space allowing participants to ask relevant and existential questions that will challenge basic organizational and personal premises.


Future Masterclasses

The curriculum is divided into three “Future Masterclasses”, which can be completed as a full training program (certified “future shaper”) or as individual modules. All three masterclasses develop skills that participants need to proactively shape a desirable future.

unconventional thinking


2 days


Near Vienna


1.500€ (early bird)

1.800€ per Masterclass (excluding accommodation)




Minimum: 10 persons

Maximum: 25 persons


Masterclass 1: April 05.+06.22

Masterclass 2: May 31.+ June 1.22

Masterclass 3: September 20.+21.22

Register for the masterclass(es)

With this registration you reserve and book your place in the masterclass(es). You will receive further information in time.

    I register for the following master class(es):

    Complete program - certificated future-shaper (all 3 master classes)Masterclass Unconventional Thinking - Mastering Innovation (April 2022)Masterclass Transformation in a complex & uncertain digital world (May 2022)Masterclass Innovation as shaping our future in a purposeful manner (September 2022)

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    Who is the tLC Academy for?

    tLC Academy is independent and open to all who shape, or want to shape, the future proactively. The training programs are especially suitable for the following professional groups:

    Senior Manager

    High-ranking Executives

    Managing Director

    Change Manager

    Innovation Experts

    Transformation Accelerator


    About us

    We are a creative interdisciplinary team of scientists, enablers, and practitioners. By combining our backgrounds in cognitive science, neuroscience, organizational design, innovation, new work, and many other fields we bring state-of-the art knowledge and experience to our clients. We would love to hear from you!